New Academic Year

Dear Students,

The Specialized Theological Studies are designed to prepare You to obtain a Canonical Licentiate’s Degree. Furthermore, after two years, you can continue your studies at the Doctoral School to obtain a PhD degree.

What do You need to complete Your licentiate?

You must enroll in one of the three modules:

  1. a) biblical theology – patrology;
  2. b) systematic theology;
  3. c) missiology – catechetics (practical theology).

Each module includes specialized lectures and classes, also lectures in other modules. In the attachment to this email you can find instructions on which units should be attended in a given module. And tips for seminars.

By graduating from one of the three modules, the completed theological specialization is also marked (i.e. moral theology, patrology etc.).

At the beginning of the course every student must choose the tutor – preferably one who conducts the seminar. The task of the academic tutor is to help you prepare your diploma thesis at the end of your studies – preferably a scientific article that will be published in the theological journal. The tutor may help You to establish what coursework is needed. For more details look into attachment.

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