Theological Studies in English

The theology degree-programme in English offered at UKSW is a modern way of delivering theological studies, based on the most recent literature and compliant with a solid, traditional theological perspective.

The theological studies at UKSW offer a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive theological perspective. Choosing one of our development paths, students get the opportunity of extending and deepening their knowledge, having access to the experience of our distinguished and broadly acclaimed lecturers who specialize in those disciplines.

The courses last three years. After two years of studying, students can obtain the ecclesiastical degree of Licentiate in Sacred Theology. The third (in special cases also fourth) year is designed for those who wish to continue to a doctorate. After finishing the studies and successfully defending their doctoral theses, students obtain the title of Doctor of Theology.

All the lectures, classes and seminars are delivered in English.

Being aware of the variety of the education systems outside Europe, our curriculum is individually tailored to the needs of every doctoral student.

Development paths include three modules:

Biblical Theology and Patrology

Biblical Theology

Systematic Theology

Fundamental theology
Dogmatic theology
Moral theology
Spiritual theology

Practical Theology