Invitation to UKSW

Dear All,

We are glad that you are interested in studying theology in English in Warsaw, Poland. We invite you to UKSW (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)!

We are one of the best places in Poland and Europe where such studies are offered.

We have all state and Church rights. Our graduates receive diplomas recognized in all European Union countries and in all Church systems.

Due to the need to combine two educational systems (civil state and Church), we currently offer studies at a specialized level (second degree, in the Church system – canonical licentiate’s degree) with the possibility of completing a doctorate in theology. At the moment, we do not provide basic theological education (as in seminaries) in English.

We currently offer specialized studies in three modules:

  1. Biblical and Patristic (graduates acquire knowledge in the field of biblical theology, as well as the main theologians of the early Church of the East and the West).
  2. Systematic Theology (graduates acquire knowledge in the field of dogmatics, fundamental and moral theology, as well as Christian spirituality).
  3. Missiological and Catechetical (graduates gain knowledge in the field of missiology and catechetics).

As you can see, we combine theological disciplines, so that the graduate is not a specialist in only one narrow specialization but has a broader theological knowledge. However, within the framework of two chosen seminars, the student has the opportunity to deepen his/her knowledge in a given area, depending on his/her own interests and the chosen theological specialization.

We currently do not offer specialized studies in the fields of canon law, Church history or philosophy.

To obtain a canonical licentiate, one must complete a two-year Specialized Theological Studies course (study program attached).

In order to continue doctoral studies, an additional one-year Ad Lauream study must be completed.

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